YA2751 Silicone rubber fiberglass sleeving

This product is made of non-alkali glass yarn braided tube, coated with silicone rubber glue, and heated by electric vulcanization.
It has certain dielectric properties, high heat resistance, excellent elasticity, cold resistance and aging resistance.
Suitable for wiring and mechanical protection of higher requirements motors and appliances.
Length: 1000+20/-10mm. Continuous can be supplied on request.
Colour: Special colour can be produced on request.
Detail Information:

Insulation resistance

At room temperature



After damp heat


Flame spread

Burning time



Visual inspection

Any one of the three samples indicates that the flag should not burn. Cotton is also not ignited by ignited or hot particles or ignited drops.

Solder heat resistance

Pass (only for nominal inner diameter ≤ 5mm hose)

Volatile content

Low level




Other level



Bending after heating

No visible cracks or shedding of the coating, allowing the color to darken (test temperature: 180 ± 3 ° C)

Bending at low temperatures

No visible cracks or shedding of the coating (test temperature: ≤ -70 ~ 5 ° C)

Paint resistance to hydrolysis

There is no migration of the coating, no adhesion between the hose and the paper and the hose test piece, and no discoloration of the paper.

Storage period

6 month


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