Research And Development


According to market research, look at the current product demand of the market and develop new products.

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According to market demand, research and develop new products to meet new development needs in terms of performance indicators.

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Further improvement of the product through customer feedback, in order to achieve the best expectations of customers.

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Test the performance indicators of the product, after the experiment is passed, put into production use.

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Quality Management

Our company is the leader in the Chinese Insulation Mate market, in order to maximize customer satisfaction, has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems Management Certification targeting continuous improvement that covers all its processes starting from its highly-qualified dealer network and the design process through the production process, international and domestic sales, as well as after sales service, measuring the impact of every activity. 

As certified by the Chinese Standards Institute (CSI) and based on the Total Quality Management System in accordance with the harmonized CN 14509/AC:2014 standard, at our company all quality inspections from raw materials to be used in production to production steps to delivery of the goods are conducted as required.



In order to fully comply with customer expectations and requirements, at Yaan Insulation Materials’s  production facilities all operations from the supplier from whom raw materials are obtained through raw material input control to packaging and delivery have been brought under full control within the framework of an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

To ensure that raw materials, one of the most important factors influencing product output, are in compliance with technical specifications and have the properties necessary for continuous quality, we audit our suppliers on a periodic basis and evaluate them on criteria such as product quality, supply process, technical support and improvement projects.

Quality control procedures are conducted at every stage of the production process as Input, Process and Final Control and Product Quality Controls. Additionally, customer feedback and internal corrective/preventive actions provide the most important input for Continuous Improvement, which is our primary objective.

The full range of quality assurance procedures are undertaken either at our laboratories or in conjunction with third-party laboratories. Since traceability is one of our most important parameters, all our records are recorded step-by-step in International Standard System.




Yaan Insulation Materials prepares specifications for raw materials required for production, identifies Approved Suppliers and monitors their performance in accordance with the requirements of its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Inspection of raw materials and/or consumable inputs to be used in the production process is also conducted based on all relevant national and international standards. Raw materials and consumable inputs are inspected in accordance with technical specifications and national and international standards prior to being put into the production process, ensuring continuous quality at the start of the process by preventing non-standard materials from going into production.




Our products are produced on a state-of-the-art continuous production line equipped with a digital system that can be controlled by the operators. The product quality control procedures in each phase of production have been defined on a product-by-product basis in our Quality Plans/Bill of Materials system.

Quality control procedures are conducted by qualified personnel taking into account national or international standards specified in the quality plans, inspection periods, methods, calibrated devices, critical values-parameters and the like. Following inspections, the measured values obtained are compared with tolerance values and recorded. In the event any deviation in these values is encountered, our systems automatically send an alert, allowing problems to be solved instantly. All data undergo statistical analysis and are taken as the basis for improvements and establishing targets.




At Yaan Insulation Materials, our products are tested on a product or order basis with the frequency and for the periods specified in the national or international standards that apply in their final usage location. Test results are evaluated within the framework of acceptable tolerances and based on conformity are packaged according to the specified packaging type. No order may be delivered without being systematically approved by an authorized quality control staff member.


To ensure that our customers are fully informed, during the packing process Transportation, Storage and Installation Procedures are affixed to every package.
Our constant effort and push on quality improvement have been awarded with many certificates, approvals and prizes and most of all growing number of satisfied Clients.


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